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Friday 12th, 7.00pm: Ali McCormick

About Ali McCormick in her own words
When folks ask how it was that I came to music, the shortest answer: family. Growing up in rural Ottawa Valley Ontario we would jam with our uncles around the kitchen table, sometimes into the wee hours…even on a school night! Our uncles were in rock/country cover bands, and they would be practicing for their weekend gigs. Let me tell you, we were in absolute awe that they made a living with instruments!

So, after many years of plunking away on covers, travelling and busking I started gathering a collection of originals. About 4 years ago a neighbouring musician Brock Zeman helped record my first demo and encouraged me to get my songs ‘out there’. Since then I’ve toured Ontario and all provinces West of home and have released two albums.

I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to bring the Ali show to Two Whales, folks in attendance can expect songs about family, love, road life all inspired by this wonderful big country and my time thus far as a musician and traveller.


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