Download Food Menu (2020)

Soup of the Day

Home made, gluten-free (and usually vegan) served with fresh bread (incl. gluten-free option).
small $7—large with salads $11


Art Works (v): artichoke paté with garlic mushrooms
Be Nuts (v): cashew nut paté & roasted beet chutney
Berry Picker: brie, partridgeberry pickle & spinach
The Bollywood (v): curried lentil paté, apple, apricot & mint chutney with grated carrot
Blue Whale: blue cheese with our pear relish
Capricorn: goat’s cheese & caramelized onions
Happy Hippie (v): hummus, roasted peppers, red onion, sundried tomato & black olives
Mexican: mixed peppers, avocado, red onion jalapeno chilis, mozarella
Naughty Nanny: goat’s cheese, spinach & sweet chilli relish
Parisian: brie and garlic mushrooms
Ploughman: mature cheddar with one of our homemade chutneys
Roman: mozzarella, pesto & tomato
The Smokey Pomme: maple glazed apple, sautéed garden greens, smoked cheddar cheese
Some Like It Hot: spicy black bean paté, red onion, roasted peppers, strong cheddar & jalapeno chilies
TLT: tempeh (soy-based healthy alternative to bacon), lettuce & tomato with whole grain Dijon mustard and vegan mayo

panini $9.50—with salads $12.50

Hearty Lunch Combo

Panini, salads with a small soup $18

Tofu Panda (v)

Organic tofu marinated in tamari and sesame oil served on shredded cabbage fermented with seasonal root vegetables, ginger and garlic. Served with a homemade chutney, naan and green salad $12

Brunch Special

Saturdays: traditional homemade baked beans topped with maple smoked tempeh, an egg from our own free range hens and a roll $9.50
Sundays: spicy bean burrito with either scrambled eggs from our own free range hens or scrambled tofu $9.50

Homemade Bagel

Toasted with butter, homemade jam, Marmite or seed butter $3.25
Toasted with cream cheese $4.25

Especially for Children

Banana and honey sandwich $5
Peanut butter and homemade jam sandwich $5
Plain toasted cheese sandwich $5
[made with our homemade multigrain bread]