All our food is vegetarian. (v) = vegan.


In season we grow all our own organic salad greens in our greenhouses and gardens. Depending on availability this may include several of the six types of heritage lettuce, mizuna, parsley pea tops, arugula, green and purple mustards, kale, sugar snap peas and radishes or purple turnip. Our house salad is a mixture of fresh greens with our house dressing of organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar and our famous hand-cut coleslaw. Vegan coleslaw made with our own vegan mayo is available on request.

Soup of the Day

Home made, gluten-free (and usually vegan) served with fresh bread (incl. gluten-free option).
small $9.00—large with salads $14.75


Made to order with a 9 grain ciabatta bun or our homemade gluten-free bun. These are our favourite combinations—please feel free to substitute or miss out any of the ingredients. Some of the paninis are not available during our low season.
Hapicado is our organic, climate friendly and socially responsible alternative to avocado—made in house with edamame beans, sunflower butter and olive oil—delicious!

  • Berry Picker: brie, partridgeberry pickle & spinach
  • Bollywood (v): curried lentil paté, homemade mango chutney and grated carrot
  • Blue Whale: blue cheese, pear relish
  • Happy Hippie (v): hummus, roasted peppers, red onion, sundried tomato & black olives
  • Naughty Nanny: goat’s cheese, spinach & sweet chilli relish
  • Parisian: brie, garlic mushrooms
  • Ploughman: mature cheddar with one of our homemade chutneys
  • Roman: mozzarella, pesto & tomato
  • Smokey Pomme: maple glazed apple, spinach & smoked cheddar
  • Some Like It Hot: spicy black bean paté, red onion, roasted peppers, strong cheddar & jalapeno chilies [can be made vegan without cheese]
  • TLT (v): tempeh (soy-based healthy alternative to bacon), lettuce & tomato with whole grain Dijon mustard and homemade vegan mayo

The following paninis are not currently available everyday but will appear as specials

  • The Grand Seduction: hapicado, spinach, sundried tomato and mozzarella
  • Be Nuts (v): cashew nut & pecan pate, roasted beet chutney
  • Art Works (v): homemade artichoke pate, garlic mushrooms
  • Capricorn: soft goat’s cheese, caramelized onions
  • Mexican: hapicado, diced peppers, red onion, jalapeno chilies, mozzarella

panini $13.25—with salads $17.00

Hearty Lunch Combos

Panini, salads with a small soup $23.00
Panini and small soup $19.25

Tofu Panda (v)

Marinated organic tofu served on shredded cabbage fermented with seasonal root vegetables, ginger and garlic. Served with a homemade chutney, naan and green salad $16.75
[can be made gluten-free]

Bay Burrito (v)

Locally grown turnips and carrots caramelized to perfection in spiced olive oil with red onions and mushroom with a nut and seed salsa. Served with both our house salads (vegan) $17.00

Homemade Bagel

Toasted with butter, homemade jam, Marmite or seed butter $4.75
Toasted with cream cheese $5.75


Two slices homemade multigrain toast with butter, homemade jam, Marmite or seed butter $4.00

Two Whales Granola (v)

Organic oats and wheat germ with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, maple syrup and spices—crunchy and delicious. Your choice of milk or yogurt $7.50

Especially for Children

Banana and honey sandwich $7.75
Peanut butter and homemade jam sandwich $7.75
Plain toasted cheese sandwich $7.75
[made with our homemade multigrain bread]


Please see our chalk board for daily specials.