1—30 June

Abigail Hann: Table Talk

In rural Newfoundland, the kitchen has traditionally been the social gathering place of a home. Visiting grandmothers and aunts always meant time around the kitchen table, sipping cups of tea with Carnation milk alongside homemade bread or tea biscuits. Today, many women choose a life that includes as little time as possible in the kitchen. I yearn for domesticity in my life and feel nostalgic for time spent around a kitchen table with people I love. The marks left of kitchen gatherings, from drinking a cup of tea or cleaning up the table after, are unintentional prints and ghosts of a fading way of life. Table Talk is part of an ongoing investigation into prints made by monotonous everyday activities. I served tea to my classmates on printmaking plates that acted as saucers, recording the marks made by repeatedly picking up and setting one’s cup back down. The resulting prints capture the ephemeral actions of each person that occurred at that time and place.

Abigail Hann is an interdisciplinary artist from a small town in Bonavista Bay, currently in her final year at NSCAD University. With a focus on printmaking and drawing, she has developed a practice that is heavily based on process and place. Before going to NSCAD she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology and worked catching various wild animals for scientists. Abigail uses her background in science in her way of making.