Very Good Drip (incl. iced coffee) $3.50
[we rotate quality fair trade/organic beans from different NL roasters]
Espresso $3.25/$4.00
Americano $4.00
Red eye $4.00
Latte $6.00
Chai latte/London Fog $6.00 [made with real tea leaves!]
Mocha $6.00
Cappuccino $5.50
Flat white $5.50
Macchiato $5.50
French Press 1 person (330ml) $5.50—2-3 person (1000ml) $11.00
Added flavour $0.50

espresso shots—we normally use two shots in all espresso drinks except the Mocha which normally has one shot. Please ask if you want something different.
milks—we normally use whole milk (3%). We usually have 2%, oat & soy available too at no extra charge
decaf—we can provide all espresso-based coffees as decaf (not drip)
iced—we can provide iced drip (using our homemade coffee ice cubes), iced lattes and iced mocha etc at no extra charge
specials—if you are looking for something not on our list we can make it for you even if we have to ask you how you want it made!

Hot chocolate

Camino fair trade, organic chocolate with steamed milk (just like a latte)—try it with oat milk—delicious!

small $4.00—large $6.00


Speciality tea $3.25
[Yorkshire, Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong, Golden Dragon Jasmine, Gunpowder Green, Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling, Almond, Chai Tea]
Herbal and fruit tea $3.25
[Rooibos, Peppermint, Chamomile, Bella Coola—mixed fruit, Tibetan Lavender, Nourishing Nettle]

Cold drinks

Homemade organic lemonade (sparkling or still) $4.50
Spritzer—Bottle Green natural cordial plus Two Whales carbonated water $4.50
[Elderflower, Ginger & Lemongrass]
Bonabooch Kombucha $6.00 [ Partridgeberry, Gooseberry, Blueberry & Chaga]
Orange or grape juice $2.25
Two Whales Carbonated water $1.50
Milk $2.25


Port Rexton Brewery
We try and keep a selection of beers in stock—these may vary. Common varieties include:
Small Trek Lager
Horsechops IPA
Violent Femmes Sour
Baycation Blonde
T-Rex Porter
+ a Gluten Free option

Organic Red and White Wine

see drinks board for availability and prices