2—31 May

Penny Wooding: Seas, Trees and Breeze

a look at Newfoundland through glass

This show is a look at Newfoundland through glass inspired by the local scenery on the Bonavista Peninsula. Puffin islands between Elliston and Mabberly; a view of Fox Island from the Champneys West trail; a traditional root cellar behind an English Harbour house; an old boat house in Trinity East; a majestic sea stack standing tall on the Skerwink trail. These sites all provided inspiration. Penny’s work has been described as ‘Painting with glass’. She has a unique way of putting together her compositions; building them piece by piece, usually from the centre, without relying on any pre-drawn guide. This enables her to adjust and develop her ideas in a random fashion which produces a free flowing composition. The size of each piece depends on how much development the design seems to need as the piece grows.

This is Penny’s 4th solo show at Two Whales. Previous exhibitions were Glassbergs in 2013; Islands and Ice in 2015 and Celebrate Light in 2017.