My Two Whales Food Hike


Friday–Sunday: 25th–27th September
Picnic pickup: 10am–4pm

Our Picnic Menu

Our southern Indian inspired vegan menu showcases produce from our own gardens and nearby farms, and locally foraged ingredients. The breads and dessert are lovingly baked by Sue and Carrie in the Two Whales kitchen. Gluten free options are also available.

Bombay Nuts—a taster of cashews, walnuts and almonds roasted with mouthwatering spices
Chickpea and Quinoa salad with a lime dressing and garden fresh greens.
Kati Wrap—finely sliced and roasted beet, turnip, carrot and parsnip in a spicy sauce, wrapped in an Indian-style flatbread and served with a mint and chili relish.
Blueberry and Cardamom shortbread
Bonabooch Kombucha or bring your own take out container and choose from our drinks menu


$30 per person with a complimentary Roots, Rants & Roars backpack per order.

Backpack: if you have already done one hike and would like to reuse your R, R & R My Food Hike backpack let us know and we will re-fill it.

Local Hikes

All of the Hike Discovery Trails are easily accessible from Two Whales—the furthest being 40 minutes drive away. These are our favourites.
Skerwink Trail—just 2km away and the most popular of the local hikes with a well-earned Canada-wide reputation.
Fox Island Trail—a real gem just 2 km away—slightly longer, some of it down by the seashore, easier going but much quieter.
Murphy’s Cove to Lodge’s Pond Trail—one of the loveliest of the longer trails—much of hugging the coastline—few walkers, easy going and a view of the Green Point lighthouse.
King’s Cove Lighthouse Trail—a nice short trail to the old lighthouse and back and a longer one if you take the inland wooded trail on the way back.
Little Catalina to Maberley Trail—a stunning trail for the adventurous walker—needs two vehicles as its a one way in a day hike!

Ordering your Picnic

As this is a special menu please book your My Food Hike picnic if possible at least two days before your hike. We may not be able to provide picnics at short notice.

hYou can order online now at our Online Store by choosing the My Food Hike item. Your shopping cart will give you a Pickup time (like Tomorrow at 10.15)—ignore this as you will change that later!
Select Checkout, put in YOUR DETAILS and in STORE PICKUP select Schedule for later. Now enter the date and the time, remembering that it must be the 25th, 26th or 27th September!

You can also order a My Food Hike picnic at Two Whales or by telephone and pay at the coffee shop when you collect.

Other Restaurants in the Area

These three cafe/restaurants are also offering My Food Hike picnics on certain days (see Roots, Rant & Roars My Food Hike website)

Peace Cove Inn, Trinity East
Bonavista Social Club, Upper Amherst Cove
Bare Mountain Coffee House, Clarenville